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Critical Utility Solutions for Your Plant or Facility Critical Rental Solutions specializes in oil-free air and temperature control equipment rental. Utilizing our fleet of oil-free compressors, chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers and over 35 years' experience, we can provide the equipment and expertise to get you back up and running during an emergency or planned event.

Rental Advantage

There are various scenarios where a temporary solution would be required and also highly advantageous based on your timing or capital availability


Need it yesterday – If your equipment fails, a repair could be lengthy or cost prohibitive. A temporary option could get you back up in short order and give you the time needed to not be rushed and make an informed decision. 

Planned Outage – Shutdowns or turnarounds where a temporary solution is required as a stop gap while you repair, replace or perform maintenance on your equipment, or even add new lines.

Economic Changes – If your plant needs to rollback production unexpectedly or even for planned reasons, running chillers or compressors that are designed for a much larger load can waste significant amounts of energy and cause maintenance cost to increase substantially. A “right sized” Oil-Free Air Compressor or Air or Water Cooled Chiller can provide increased reliability and pay for itself pretty quickly.

Plant Efficiencies – Anytime you bottleneck an area of your plant, you free up resources to increase throughput. However you may not have the additional chilled water or oil free compressed air needed to take advantage of the efficiencies gained. Additionally, you may not have the capital available in your budget, so rental may be just the solution needed to ramp up production with the increased efficiencies and provide the time needed to acquire capital for new equipment.

Proof of Concept – With no capital investment, help prove a concept utilizing a temporary option for food grade air or water, or just additional cooling or compressed air that may be needed.

Seasonal Limitations – During the summer months there’s additional demand placed on cooling systems that can cause equipment to run out of spec, or be throttled back to avoid damage. Supplemental chilled or cooling tower water may prove the difference in keeping your equipment in spec and running at optimal efficiency. The summer months are also troublesome to Centrifugal Compressors, causing up to a 15% reduction in output based on the ambient conditions. A supplemental compressor can insure your compressed air is not the weak link or bottleneck in your process.

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Time is valuable. If your equipment goes down unexpectedly or runs poorly it could cost you everything. Critical Rental Solutions is here to help.





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Critical Rental Solutions provides the equipment and specs you need without the capital expense. If you have an unplanned emergency or a long-term requirement, we are here to help. Every piece of equipment is backed by our legendary service and technical support – around the world you stay up and running 24/7.


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